Admin Executive

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A role of an admin executive is to handle numerous details and challenging situations all at once.

Admin Executive

A role of an admin executive is to handle numerous details and challenging situations all at once. They work closely on all the personal stuff of the client and assist them to reduce their stress levels and burdens. Eventually, the customer is relaxed as we at Chore Virtual Assistance take utmost care to provide high calibre VA services. Our approach is enormously close to perfection to outsource all your given tasks. Some of the work handled by the Chore Virtual includes basic accounting, research, image editing and data entry. VA has to draft emails, conversion of PDF file into word or excel. Later, copy paste data in excel sheet and has to even manage CRM work i.e. sales force, high-rise and zoho etc.

Five skills our VA possess at Chore Virtual:
1. Communication and Planning power
2. Co-ordinating capability
3. Writing skills in English
4. Technical knowledge and Technology traits
5. Basic Time Management

Are you one of those people who hate slogging on mere daily office chores?
If you don’t enjoy or are too busy with your professional and personal life to daily official tasks. Don’t compromise just shed off the work load from your shoulders!

We are life-savers to back you up with some important stuff like:
* Scheduling a meeting for you
* Arranging bookings for your travel
* Paying your bills on time
* Internet research and downloading files
* Keeping database entries intact
* Updated with news of industry development
* Follow-up of growth in your business
* Socializing by writing cards
* Shooting emails on your behalf
* Transform a raw data in a presentation.

The team of experts works on strict-lines to provide business support via internet, phone call, fax or other tools of communication.
We are happy to be called your online sectary! Our inbox is always open for the clients.